Quality Over Quantity

It is easy to get caught in a mindset of “more is better”, especially in service organizations. Providing a quality customer service experience will be followed by more clients – providing bad customer service experiences will likely decrease potential client numbers. What processes do you have in place to ensure a great first interaction and excellent client follow up? I bet your captured data will tell you! #customerservice #qualityoverquantity #processimprovement #datadoesntlie #dcresolve

One Simple Step to Achieving More Goals and Holding Yourself Accountable

Several years ago I got into the habit of making lists. This alone isn’t a game change really, but, the unintended side effect of it is. See, I kept the notebooks as they were filled up and began to revisit them. At one point, writing yearly goals on the first page of each notebook also became a habit, and I have found that those old goals serve as reminders to keep moving forward.
There is just something more profound about capturing a goal in writing than simply leaving it in your head. This isn’t ground breaking information though, almost all of us know this. How many are actually practicing it though?
Someone once told me “give yourself some time, you’ll be very surprised to see where you end up in five years”. So, give yourself some time. A year is plenty of time to start and complete that business plan, write an article, get in shape or to begin countless other healthy habits.
Put your goals down somewhere, look at them from time to time. You WILL be surprised of where you find yourself in the near future.  

Taking Action on What You Aspire to Be

Most have great ideas and higher aspirations for themselves. The difference between those who are admired for already doing it and those who are still aspiring: first, start where you are already at. You can do your best no matter the situation you find yourself in. Second, ideas and aspirations must turn into action. Success can only come after taking action, it never works the other way around. Make a difference where your at! #dcresolve #makeithappen #makeadifference